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Bill is a photographer based in Crozet, Virginia, a small town in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. He is passionate about photographing subtleties of light, texture, and form he finds in natural and man-made environments.  Growing up in the Shenandoah Valley, Bill learned to love its gently rolling agricultural landscapes and the rugged mountains that surround.  As a boy he learned to recognize the many moods that can inhabit a landscape and today translates those moods into his images.   Bill began a focused exploration of landscape photography in the early 90’s.  Today he offers both fine prints of his art images and high quality, custom imaging for commercial and private clients.  Bill is also a landscape architect and practices with Waterstreet Studio in Charlottesville, where he focuses on thoughtful site planning and garden making.

Bill's work has been published in periodicals with both regional and national circulation.  His work has earned recognition from the Zeiss Precision Imaging Awards, the International Regional Magazine Association, and numerous art exhibitions.  Most notably, Bill has been selected to serve as artist-in-residence at both Acadia and Zion National Parks.  He makes regular posts to the Mauzy Photography Facebook page.  The Facebook page is the best resource for keeping in touch with his journeys and catching a glimpse of work in progress.  

artist statement

Photography is a way of life for me, a way of engaging the environment and understanding my relationship to it. The enduring and connective subjects of my work are impermanence, transitions, traces, and edges; how one thing or state of being becomes or shapes another; enigmatic scale rendering. With a background in landscape architecture, I tend to focus on processes of landscape formation and aspects of place. I am interested in studying how cultures shape landscape and endlessly fascinated by how landscapes shape culture.  I hope that the images I create might inspire those who spend time with them to experience the landscapes they inhabit with passion and renewed interest. 

In my personal creative work, traditional pursuits of landscape photography increasingly take a back seat to a simple practice of mindful observation, being open to a wide range of potentials, and accepting what emerges.    Photography has gradually become more of an introspective, personal activity; an exercise in patience, perseverance, and intuition.  I often find that the resulting images are as much a reflection of interior terrain as they are a representation of a physical place or thing.  During those times when uncertainty and frustration emerge, I find it’s important to follow my gut feeling and pay attention to what develops, approaching a subject or place with an open mind and a receptive heart.    

One of the most important functions of photography is to suggest relationships between objects or actors and, by doing so, frame fundamental questions that will feed the imagination of an audience.  A primary goal for my photography is to create images that are specific to a place or thing while remaining sufficiently open-ended that space is created for an individualized emotional response by the viewer. 




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